Foodies: Chicago Restaurants and Cafes


The modern metropolis simply amazes with the abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars. In total, there are more than 4.5 thousand gastronomic establishments in the city, including modest budget restaurants, and high-class establishments, as well as world-famous winners of prestigious competitions.

One of such establishments is Shaw’s Crab House restaurant, which is well known to gourmets from all over the world. It resembles a classic American bar rather than a fashionable establishment, the restaurant always has a hospitable and relaxed atmosphere. Shaw’s Crab House’s specialties include seafood and gourmet meat dishes, and regulars especially emphasize the specialty mussels and crab. Among the restaurant’s attractive features are affordable prices, Shaw’s Crab House’s menu is regularly updated.

European cuisine restaurant The Purple Pig is worth mentioning among other budget establishments. A full-fledged three-course dinner will cost no more than 10 euros, and the quality of treats will please even demanding gourmets. The restaurant is perfect for a large group, and there is no doubt that its extensive menu offers dishes for every taste.

Those who want to enjoy typical national treats should visit Hot Doug’s Inc. The selection of hot dogs is huge, and visitors can also order traditional crispy potatoes and soft drinks. At the height of the day there is always a long queue at the restaurant, the main visitors of Hot Doug’s Inc are the guests of the city.

Among the prestigious restaurants Alinea deserves special attention, it specializes in international cuisine. The price level in the elite restaurant is quite high, but the quality of its specialties and delicacies corresponds to it in full measure. Each Alinea specialty is a real artistic work, the taste qualities of which cannot be described in words. The attractive Yolk restaurant offers a wide range of simple and hearty dishes to relax after a busy day of sightseeing. Fresh scrambled eggs with vegetables and pates, fried potatoes, hot dogs and sandwiches, sweet pastries, original fruit salads and soft drinks – everything that thrifty travelers need to replenish their energy and strength.

Chicago has a lot of interesting culinary features, in the city’s restaurants you can try a lot of interesting dishes, the likes of which are not prepared in other cities in the United States. A great example is the “deep dish” pizza, which is made with corn bread. This bread is toasted with olive oil and then topped with pizza toppings. There can be many variations of toppings, the most common components of pizza are tomato sauce, cheese and meat. For the first time such pizza was made by locals in 1943, since then the dish has gained incredible popularity.

Chicago In Chicago there are excellent pizzerias in which you can try the popular dish. It is important to note that the “deep dish” pizza is characterized by a rather impressive size, so it is usually ordered for a large company. In the city are widespread small kiosks and market stalls, where you can buy popular “quick” dishes at affordable prices.

It is believed that it is in Chicago that you can try the most delicious hot dog in the United States, for the preparation of this uncomplicated dish here are used the highest quality and tasty products. A special version of the dish called “garden hot dog” is popular in the city. In addition to sausage and various sauces, slices of fresh tomato, pickles, onions and celery are added to it.

Chicago restaurants are sure to please fans of hearty meat dishes, here they prepare excellent steaks. Many popular restaurants position themselves as steakhouses and specialize exclusively in meat dishes. In addition to meat their guests can order their favorite beer or a glass of wine, in some restaurants you can also complement the meal with original light snacks.

The most popular dessert option among Chicagoans remains the classic cheesecake, which you can also try in literally any restaurant and cafe. This popular cake is prepared by each local chef according to his own special technology. Special attention is always paid to the artistic design of the dessert, it can be decorated with fresh berries and fruits, chocolate glaze or fruit jams. Popcorn lovers during their walks around the city should definitely pay attention to Garrett’s specialized kiosks. They sell the tastiest popcorn in the city, the most common variant being air corn with caramel-cheese flavor.